Luxury watches are in demand as alternative investments. The explosive development of the luxury watch market over the past 10 years has created a $22 billion market. Buyers are willing to pay significant premiums for preowned models from renowned brands like Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Audemars Piguet, as well as from notable independents such as F.P.Journe and De Bethune, anticipating a continued increase in their value.

Why watches are a great investment

Luxury watches, particularly those from prestigious brands with limited editions or historical significance, have consistently appreciated in value over time. While the stock market can be volatile, certain luxury watches often maintain or steadily increase their value, making them a more stable investment option. The supply of luxury watches is limited by factors such as production capacity, craftsmanship, and controlled distribution agreements. Simultaneously, the demand for luxury watches continues to grow, driven by increasing affluence, global economic growth, and aspirational consumption in emerging markets. This limited supply and growing demand contribute to the appreciation of luxury watches as collectible items and investment assets.

Tangible asset

Luxury watches offer the advantage of being tangible assets that investors can hold, display, and enjoy. Unlike stocks or real estate, which may require complex ownership structures or maintenance, luxury watches are relatively easy to store, transport, and liquidate when needed. Investing in luxury watches can provide diversification benefits to an investment portfolio. Since luxury watches often have low correlation with traditional asset classes such as stocks, their value may not move in tandem with broader market trends. By adding luxury watches to a diversified portfolio, investors can potentially reduce overall portfolio risk and enhance long-term returns.

Estimate your future value

Try our calculator to determine your buyback and expected portfolio value.

40,000 kr.
Investment period (Years)
Minimum buyback value
1.030.225,00 kr.
(1,5% Per year)
Expected value
1.081.600,00 kr.
1.081.600,00 kr.

Frequently asked questions

No matter how the market fares, we will buy back your portfolio, ensuring that you receive at least a 2% return on your investment. This buyback guarantee is only applicable after your commitment period ends.

You can opt to keep the watches securely stored at Investment Watches in a highly protected environment, or you have the freedom to select your preferred personal storage option.

The minimum amount for portfolio investment starts at €20.000, and there is no upper limit.

Yes, insurance is included in all portfolio investments.

We will guide you in the process to invest in watches with a proven track record.

The number of watches depends on the size of your investment. There will always be multiple timepieces in a portfolio.

Portfolio investments have a investment period of 2, 3, 5 or 10 years.

You have the flexibility to withdraw from your portfolio investment at any time. However, should you choose to do so within the investment period, you will forfeit your entitlement to the guaranteed appreciation. If you decide to exit the portfolio investment during the investment period, you have the choice to either retain the watches or allow us to assist you in selling them at market price.

The customer has no usage right. The portfolio can be viewed, but not taken out of the premises except for a termination of the agreement.

Yes. Portfolio investment can be made by companies or private consumers.

At the end of the commitment period, the buyer has three options:

1. Get the investment amount paid out + returns.

2. Sell ​​the watches on commission through us via Investment Watches' general commission terms.

3. The watches are handed over to the buyer.

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