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A watch portfolio is a collection of watches that a person or company owns as an investment - similar to a traditional investment portfolio. This requires research, expertise, and a careful selection of investment worthy watches that will hold and increase value over time, so you can get the best outcome.

Personal guidance in each step

We take care of everything from helping you select the best portfolio option, to insurance and safe storage. Our experts have years of experience investing in watches, so all you have to do is lean back and follow the process of your watch portfolio.

Call your own shots

Depending on your goals we’ll help you pick a time horizon that fits your financial portfolio. You’ll decide when and how you want to exit your investment.


Estimate your future value

Try our calculator to determine your buyback and expected portfolio value.

5,000,000 kr.
Investment period (Years)
Buyback value
1.030.225,00 kr.
(1,5% Per year)
Expected value
1.081.600,00 kr.
1.081.600,00 kr.

Frequently asked questions

No matter how the market fares, we will buy back your portfolio, ensuring that you receive at least a 2% return on your investment. This buyback guarantee is only applicable after your commitment period ends.

You can opt to keep the watches securely stored at Investment Watches in a highly protected environment, or you have the freedom to select your preferred personal storage option.

The minimum amount for portfolio investment starts at €20.000, and there is no upper limit.

Yes, insurance is included in all portfolio investments.

We will guide you in the process to invest in watches with a proven track record.

The number of watches depends on the size of your investment. There will always be multiple timepieces in a portfolio.

Portfolio investments have a investment period of 2, 3, 5 or 10 years.

You have the flexibility to withdraw from your portfolio investment at any time. However, should you choose to do so within the investment period, you will forfeit your entitlement to the guaranteed appreciation. If you decide to exit the portfolio investment during the investment period, you have the choice to either retain the watches or allow us to assist you in selling them at market price.

The customer has no usage right. The portfolio can be viewed, but not taken out of the premises except for a termination of the agreement.

Yes. Portfolio investment can be made by companies or private consumers.

At the end of the commitment period, the buyer has three options:

1. Get the investment amount paid out + returns.

2. Sell ​​the watches on commission through us via Investment Watches' general commission terms.

3. The watches are handed over to the buyer.

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