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Combine passion and investment

A new way to invest

Founded in 2022, Investment Watches is the first company who push the boundaries of traditional investing. We have systematized both buying, selling and investing in new and pre-owned, modern and vintage luxury watches. The background for the establishment of Investment Watches is the explosive development of the luxury watch market over the past 10 years, where the increased interest in watches has created a $22 billion secondary market.


We are founded on access to an extensive amount of data as a foundation for the investments and together with in-depth knowledge within our team of experts, we enable our customers to make an informed investment decision. In addition, our solid background, including a strong capital buffer, ensures our ability to deliver on our commitments.

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backed by founders

Behind the company is co-owner and former President and COO of Nasdaq-listed MapsPeople, watch enthusiast Jonas Berntsen. With him are angel investors Garheng Kong and David Osborn.

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Our mission

At Investment Watches, we are dedicated to curating and facilitating extraordinary investment opportunities within the world of collectables. Our mission is to empower individuals and institutions to build and diversify their wealth portfolios while indulging in the joy of collecting. We achieve this by leveraging our expertise, innovation, and commitment to providing secure, transparent, and accessible investment solutions in the ever-evolving landscape of rare and cherished assets.

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Jonas, CEO

Marcus P, VP Europe

Steven, VP North America

David, Head of Ecommerce & marketing

Marcus H, Sales Expert & Watchmaker

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