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Marcus Pedersen - December 2022

The well-known Pepsi

Since the introduction of the reference 126710BLRO in 2018, better known as the “Pepsi”, 3 different bezel shades of red and blue has been released. Not everyone knows this fact.

Mk1, mk2 and mk3 - What is the difference and which one do people generally like the most?

Above you can see the 3 different variations of 126710BLRO mk1 - mk3 (left to right).

The red, but especially the blue, has become somewhat darker over time. It has from the beginning been a difficult task for Rolex to produce a 2-colored bezel in red and blue. Rolex has never commented publicly that the first bezel in 2018 (mk1) did not turn out 100% as they wanted, but at the beginning of 2019 they started producing slightly darker ceramic bezels compared to 2018 and mk1. Most people do prefer the mk3 bezel followed by the mk2. The mk1 bezel seems to be the less popular one. However, market prices show that the mk1 is the most valued and probably the most collectable of the 3. If you are to acquire a 126710BLRO, then you should pay attention to getting the "mk" you like best.

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