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David Pedersen - Apr 05 2024

Rolex & Tennis


For over four decades, Rolex has cultivated a unique bond with tennis, a sport renowned for its global allure, challenges, tales, and champions.The initial connection between Rolex and tennis dates back to 1978 when the brand aligned with The Championships, Wimbledon, during a pivotal era of transformation in the sport. Since then, Rolex has steadily expanded its involvement, becoming a key partner in the sport's most prestigious events.


Rolex ambassadors: Carlos Alcaraz, Holger Rune, Caroline Wozniacki
Coco Gauff, Jannik Sinner, StefanoTsitsipas, Iga Świątek

Rolex strategically leverages partnerships with tennis players to enhance its brand

Association with Excellence: Rolex aligns itself with tennis players who represent excellence in the sport. By sponsoring top-tier athletes, Rolex associates its brand with the highest levels of skill, dedication, and achievement.

Global Visibility: Tennis is a globally popular sport with a large and diverse fanbase. Partnering with prominent tennis players allows Rolex to reach a broad audience across different demographics and regions worldwide.

Brand Ambassadors: Rolex often selects tennis players as brand ambassadors. These athletes serve as representatives of the brand, endorsing Rolex products and embodying its values of precision, performance, and prestige.

Presence at Major Events:
Rolex is a sponsor of several prestigious tennis tournaments, including Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and the US Open. By associating its brand with these events, where top players compete, Rolex reinforces its position as a key player in the world of tennis.

Product Placement: Tennis players often wear Rolex watches both on and off the court, providing visibility for the brand during matches, press conferences, and other public appearances. This subtle form of product placement enhances Rolex's image as a luxury brand favored by elite athletes.

Social Media and Marketing Campaigns: Rolex collaborates with tennis players on social media campaigns and marketing initiatives. These efforts leverage the players' large followings and influence to promote Rolex products and engage with fans.

Overall, Rolex's partnership with tennis players enhances its brand by associating it with excellence, global reach, and the prestigious world of professional tennis. Through various marketing channels and strategic collaborations, Rolex effectively leverages the influence and appeal of tennis stars to strengthen its position in the luxury watch market.

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