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David Pedersen - Mar 13 2024


Rolex service.JPG__PID:f3658471-6e0e-40b3-a39d-9a5450940e47

The luxury watch company is set to open a specialized watchmaking school at its Rolex Service Center located at 2601 N. Harwood St. The program promises not just training but also the potential for employment with Rolex. 

This six-month program mirrors the one currently operating in Lititz, Pennsylvania, and is being launched by Rolex in response to the global shortage of skilled watchmakers. The course will run twice annually, starting in March and September, culminating in a final exam held at Rolex's headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Graduates will be eligible for positions within Rolex’s service network across the United States. Interested individuals must submit their applications by April 15th, and candidates must be either U.S. citizens or permanent residents to be considered. The Rolex Watchmaking Training Center (RWTC) comes at no expense to students, who will also receive a monthly stipend of $1,800 to cover living expenses. Additionally, Rolex will cover the travel expenses for students to attend the final exam in Geneva. A Rolex spokesperson expressed the company's commitment to preserving the art and tradition of mechanical watchmaking while preparing a new generation of skilled professionals to meet industry demands. Employment opportunities are expected to abound across North America and beyond. In Dallas, Rolex Watch Making Training Center will join other watchmaking schools such as the North American Institute of Swiss Watchmaking, operated by the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Program (WOSTEP) in partnership with the Richemont Group. This 18-month program, limited to 15 students, combines classroom instruction with hands-on technical training, including six months devoted exclusively to repairing and servicing Rolex watches.

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