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Marcus Henriques - Mar 08 2024



For illustrative purposes only. Not an official image from Rolex. Image credit: LuxuryWatchMedia  

Every year, we see speculations about the upcoming releases from the premier watch brands of the world. Many of these remain conspiracy and never saw the light of day. However, recently leaked photos of what is believed to be a Rolex catalogue, shows us something that none of us could have predicted. The reintroduction of the GMT-Master Coke has always lured around the corner as classic and a favorite amongst the global collectors community. But how about a violet Submariner? Bet you didn’t think of that, now did you?

The purple hue has moved to the bezel

You may remember the Submariner references 16618 and 16613 where dials got a warm purple color, elegantly contributing to gold elements of the bezel, bracelet and on the 16618, the case as well. Bezels remained blue in their classic LB (Lunette Bleu) look, which has been a fundamental part of the Submariner line-up for ages. The colored bezel on the ‘yet to be’ Submariner, follows a modern design language seen on models such as the 16610LV Kermit, 126610LV Starbucks and 126619LB (people don’t seem to agree on a nickname just yet). The reference for this new watch is believed to be 126610VL, not to be mistaken with the green LV.

Rolex is decreasingly conservative and put emphasis on individualism

The releases from the past few years shows that Rolex is no stranger disregarding the easiest path to please the masses. The Oyster Perpetual celebration dial, Day-date puzzle and floral patterns on the Datejust is a fresh breeze and has been greatly appreciated by a community craving individuality in a post-covid market that surely has moved in a brighter direction than the brief encounter with a dystopian society went. Obviously, this is still to be confirmed and we won’t know until Watches & Wonders kicks off in April this year. Geneva is buzzing during this weekend of horological madness and surely, this Submariner couldn’t possibly be the only surprise at this year’s faire.

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